6:22 Save Yourself

10-01-19_6-19-27 PM

Andy pulled his car up beside Mario’s. “Stay in the car. I don’t care what you hear or see. Stay in the car.”

Campbell nodded and watched his grandpa get out of the car and walk over to the building where Mario was waiting outside. They talked for a few minutes before going inside.

10-01-19_6-47-25 PM

It felt like forever since he went in, but was probably only a few minutes before Campbell saw them coming back out. He saw his dad and jumped out of the car. He ran to his dad and gave him a tight hug.

Andy saw his grandson and smiled. “Take your father home. I’ll get a ride with Mario. I have some work I need to do here.”

Campbell pulled back from his dad and looked at his grandpa. “Come home with us, Grandpa.”

Andy shook his head and smiled. “It’s okay. The threat is over. Someone else took care of him before we got here.”

Campbell looked at his dad. “Did you…?”

Philip shook his head. “It wasn’t me. It was someone else who works for your grandfather.”

He put his arm around his son’s shoulders. “Let’s get home. I’m sure your mother is worried sick.”

10-01-19_6-50-42 PM

Andy watched them leave then went back inside. He looked for Nancy while Mario and the others dealt with the body.

He found her in one of the bathrooms washing her hands. 

“When you are finished, I’d like to talk to you.”

He stepped back to the hall so they could talk without her having to see what was going on in the other room. He wasn’t sure how her mental and emotional health was at the moment and didn’t want to upset her any more than she probably already was.

When she came out, he handed her a card. “If you need to talk about what happened, call this man. Him and his wife both work for me. They are very professional and wonderful psychiatrists who have helped out my men when things got rough for them. They are very discreet and keep things quiet. You can trust them.”

He watched her look at the card before pocketing it. 

“We’re taking care of things out there. Your name will never come up. I already sent payment to the account. I will give you time to deal with the things you may need to. Send me a message when you feel ready to come back. You and your son were a great help to me in finding my son-in-law. You were a great help to me today. I appreciate it. I hope we can work together again someday.”

10-01-19_6-48-33 PM

Andy had one of the men walk out with Nancy while he went to see who it was that had caused his family and so many others so much trouble. 

Mario saw his boss walking toward them and he stepped away a few steps. Andy stopped next to him.

“Do we know who it is?”

Mario nodded. 

“Is it someone we know?”

“He does have a connection to the family.”

“Who is it?”

Mario looked at Andy. “John’s brother, Ennis Woody.”

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