6:9 Can’t Stop The Feeling

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“Grandpa? Are you busy?”

Andy looked up from the contracts he was going over and smiled at his grandson. “Never too busy for my family. Come on in.”

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Campbell sat down in one of the chairs. “I just want to ask a few questions.”

Andy nodded. “You can ask me anything.”

“How did you get into doing this?”

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Andy leaned back into his chair thinking about it. “I had heard stories about the company that the family owned long before I was born. It had closed because of some problems that a family member had caused. The family had received some pretty bad press, and I wanted to change that. I wanted people to have good things to say about the family. I went to college and got my degree. That was not an easy task. The apartment your grandmother and I lived in was constantly needing things fixed. Plus we had your mother to keep us busy.”

Campbell listened to his grandfather. “Mom was born while you were in college?”

Andy shook his head. “She was born while we were in high school. Just a few weeks before graduation. I do not suggest you follow my example.”

Campbell shook his head.  “I’m not even close to ready to be a dad yet. I have years left before I get to that point, if I ever do.”

“You will have children someday. I’ve seen you with your sister. You will be a great father.”

Campbell shrugged. “What classes did you take in college?”

“I started with business classes then realized that I liked the design aspect also…a lot like you. I took a few of those classes and graduated with both a business and an engineering degree. I started this business just a few months after I graduated.”

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Campbell thought about what his grandfather was saying. “The high school has a thing with the local college to where we can take college classes and it counts toward our high school credits also. I might look into taking a class or two. Graduation is pretty soon anyway, and then I can take more classes.”

Andy was proud of his grandson for thinking about school and his future already. “What do you want to do after you graduate?”

Campbell smiled at his grandfather. “I want to sit in your chair and run the company.”

Andy laughed at his answer. “You study hard and someday this chair will be yours.”

6:8 Can’t Be Tamed

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Andy and Antonio were both in meetings with the construction crew. Campbell and Devin were working on cleaning the office a bit as a surprise for their grandpa. Campbell was sweeping the stairs when Devin asked if he knew what was upstairs.

“It’s an apartment. Grandpa stays there some nights when he works late or when he needs a break from the rest of us.”

Devin hadn’t known about the apartment before. “Have you seen the apartment?”

Campbell nodded. “I was up there yesterday getting something for Grandpa.”

Devin looked up to the top of the stairs. “I want to check it out.”

Campbell shrugged. “I can’t stop you.”

Devin grabbed his brother’s arm and pulled him up the stairs with him. “I’m not going in here by myself.

09-15-19_2-40-48 AM

Campbell rolled his eyes and followed his brother. He stayed by the door while his brother checked things out. 

“Campbell, come look at this. I think Grandpa may be up to something.”

Campbell walked over to his brother and looked at the stuff Devin was talking about. He frowned as he looked at it.

He picked up one of the pictures and frowned.

“This is Dad. It looks like a really old picture.” He looked closer at the picture. “This is from when he was being held captive. How did Grandpa get this picture?”

09-15-19_2-41-47 AM

He looked at the other things on the table then looked at Devin.

“What is Grandpa up to?”

Devin shook his head. “I don’t know, but I don’t think we should ask him. He may not like that we were up here poking our noses into this.”

“It was your idea, Dev.”

“You didn’t stop me, so if I get in trouble, so do you.”

That was how it had always been. Devin getting them into the messes and Campbell trying to get them out of them.

6:7 Burn It All Down

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Andy had managed to get the judge to lift some of the restrictions on the boys. There were some new ones imposed however. In return for being taken off house arrest, the boys had to go to work for Andy. They also had to continue the drug tests. 

Since Devin has always shown an interest in building things, Andy set him up with one of the crews. Campbell was more interested in designing, so Andy set him up with a desk in Antonio’s office. He was happy to have the boys there working with him. He knew it kept them both out of trouble.

“Grandpa? Are you busy?”

09-15-19_1-53-36 AM

Andy looked up at Campbell and smiled. “Come on in. Is something wrong?”

Campbell shook his head. “Antonio needed to make a few phone calls, so I thought I would give him some privacy.”

“That is very kind of you.” Andy knew that some of the phone calls that Antonio made were not intended for others to overhear. They had to do with the other business. “What were you working on?”

09-15-19_1-54-24 AM

Campbell showed him the sketches he had been doing. “I was working on two things actually. This is a rough sketch of the house I hope to have for myself some day.”

Andy looked it over and nodded. “You did a really good job on this. The measurements are a bit off, but we can easily fix that. Andy worked with Campbell on fixing the measurements and making a few adjustments to the house. 

09-15-19_1-55-15 AM

“Thank you, Grandpa.”

Andy shook his head. “You did the work. Not me. This is your design. A very good one too.”

Campbell couldn’t help smiling. It made him happy to know that he made his grandfather proud.

“Do you want to show me the other design you were working on?”

Campbell’s smile disappeared. Andy noticed and felt bad for asking.

“You don’t have to show me if you don’t want to, Campbell. It’s alright.”

Campbell shook his head. “That’s not the problem, Grandpa. I do want you to see it. It’s just that this one is connected to bad memories.”

He showed his grandpa the other drawing. 

“It’s the park. I was drawing a new design for it. One that doesn’t remind me of the day Dad was shot.”

Andy looked at the park then nodded. “Did you know that the park was the very first project that this company ever did?”

09-15-19_1-56-42 AM

Campbell shook his head. He felt bad now that he knew that he had drawn a sketch that changed one of his grandfather’s designs. He took the paper and started to crumple it up.

Andy reached out and took the paper. “Don’t. This is a great design.”

He looked closely at his grandson. “Going to the park is hard for you, isn’t it.”

Campbell nodded. “I haven’t been there since that day. I have tried to go, but I can’t.”

“I will talk to the Mayor and the Council about renovating the park. Let’s work on sharpening up your design so I can present it to them.”

Campbell looked at his grandfather. “My design?”

Andy nodded. “I think it is a great design. You have all of the elements needed for a family of all ages to enjoy a day at the park. I want you to be able to take your children to the park and enjoy being there.”

6:6 Broken Halos

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Shelby put her phone back in her pocket then went to find Philip.

“Come to Daddy’s office. We need to talk.”

Philip followed her to the office and sat down.

09-15-19_1-34-49 AM

“I just got off the phone with Dr. Brown. He said that the Trazadone that Campbell has been taking all these years can cause a false positive on a drug test.”

Philip frowned as he listened to her.

“He did tell me that he hadn’t done anything.”

Andy nodded. “He told me the same thing.”

Shelby felt bad for her son. “None of us listened or believed him. It’s no wonder he’s not talking to any of us.”

09-15-19_1-35-37 AM

Philip looked at his wife. “That’s only part of the problem we have though. Devin tested positive also and he’s not on any medications.”

Shelby looked at her dad. “I don’t know what to do, Daddy.”

Andy wasn’t quite sure either. “I’ll make some phone calls and see what we can do for both of the boys. What does Dr. Brown suggest we do about Campbell?”

“He wants to see him in the office to talk to him.”

Philip shook his head. “I asked Campbell about going to see him. He does not want to. Said if he felt the desire to talk to him, he would call him himself.”

Shelby sighed hearing that. “We can’t force him to go or he will stop going completely. Let’s hope that if things get too bad, he will call and make an appointment.”

6:5 Billy The Kid

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Shelby tapped on the bedroom door.


She poked her head in and saw that he was still in bed. She shut the door frowning. He had been sleeping all weekend.

09-15-19_1-15-43 AM

She found Devin in his usual spot…the refrigerator. 

“Has your brother said anything about being sick?”

Devin shook his head and looked at his mom. “He stopped taking this meds. Something about them messing up his life.”

Shelby frowned as she thought about that. How was his medication messing up his life? They helped him.

She went back up to the boys’ room and into their bathroom. She saw that his meds were not in the medicine cabinet where they usually were.

09-15-19_1-19-48 AM

She went back to the bedroom and sat on the edge of the bed. “Campbell…darling…can you wake up and talk to me for a minute?”

He turned over and stretched then looked at his mom.

“Where are your pills?”

“Flushed them.”

“Why? You know you need them.”

“I told you before about them and you didn’t listen.”

“I will call Dr Brown and have him write another prescription for you.”

He rolled back over to face the wall. She still wasn’t listening. He wasn’t going to waste his time trying to explain it again.

6:4 Superpower

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After the funeral, everybody went over to Allyson’s house to hang out and try to relax. Shelby told Campbell and Devin that they could hang out for a few hours, but would need to be home by dinner time. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen.

The police raided the house while they were all there. Everybody was taken to jail and charged with various drug possession charges. They had to spend the night in jail and was released after seeing the judge.

09-12-19_1-46-54 AM

Shelby was a bit more than upset when she finally was able to take the boys home.

“Go to your room. I don’t want to see your faces right now.”

“I didn’t do anything, Mom…”

“Go to your room, Campbell.”

He looked at his father who only nodded his head. It really sucked that he was getting punished just for being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

09-12-19_1-50-43 AM

Andy followed the boys to their room. “I’m disappointed in both of you.”

“I didn’t do anything, Grandpa. I swear.”

Andy shook his head. “They drug tested you at the station, Campbell. Both of you tested positive.”

Campbell didn’t bother trying to explain to his grandfather that it was the medication from Dr. Brown that was giving a false positive result. He had already attempted to explain it to his parents and didn’t get anywhere.

“Since none of you will listen, just leave me alone.”

Andy did not like the attitude he was getting from the boy. “As long as you are living in my house, you will follow my rules. Your future drug tests better come back negative. I won’t have that shit in my home.”

Campbell looked at his grandfather. “If it wasn’t for this monitor on my ankle, I wouldn’t be here. None of you care enough to listen anyway, so what does it even matter?”

09-12-19_1-56-38 AM

He went into the bathroom to get away from his grandfather. He heard the bedroom door slam not long after. He opened the medicine cabinet and took out his bottle of meds from the doctor. He knew it was going to be rough without them, but he was not going to have another false drug test. 

He removed the lid from the bottle and dumped the contents into the toilet.

6:3 All Night Long (All Night)

09-11-19_10-04-14 PM

Campbell and Devin had been released from the hospital and immediately charged with underage drinking. The lawyer their grandpa had gotten for them managed to get the judge to agree with a fine, community service, and the two of them attending AA meetings. They were also grounded.

Their parents were letting them go to Holly’s funeral. They knew how important Holly had been to Campbell. They had dated for two years and had made plans to go to college together the following year.

Campbell looked up when his dad sat down beside him.

“You okay?”

Campbell shook his head. “Not really.”

Philip would have been surprised if his son had said yes.

“You know you can talk to me or your mother anytime you need to get your feelings off your chest.”

Campbell nodded. “I know, Dad.” 

Campbell didn’t want to go to his parents. His mother was still dealing with losing Grandpa Patrick, and his father was trying to help her through it. He didn’t want to pile even more on top of them. He had Devin to talk to about it.

09-11-19_10-12-16 PM

Philip stood up and headed for the door. He turned back and looked at his son. “Do you want me to call Dr. Brown and make an appointment for you?”

Campbell shook his head. “No thanks. If I get to the point of needing to talk to him, I’ll call him.”

Dr. Brown was the therapist that he had been seeing since the incident in the park when his dad had been shot. He still saw him once a month. Occasionally he would call for an additional appointment.

09-11-19_10-13-04 PM

Philip walked back over to his son and hugged him. “Your mother and I both love you, Campbell. We worry about you.”

“I love you too, Dad.”

6:2 Al Final Del Camino

09-11-19_12-51-38 AM

Campbell sat with his brother and his girlfriend. He was thankful for his friends. They had been trying to keep him and Devin distracted from the other stuff going on in their lives. Today, they really needed the distraction.

Holly leaned over and kissed his cheek. “You okay?”

He nodded and shrugged. “I guess. It’s weird not having Grandpa around. All Mom does right now is cry.”

09-11-19_12-49-28 AM

She held his hand and leaned against him. “It’s okay if you cry. We won’t think any less of you.”

He shook his head. “I’m fine.”

He took a drink from the bottle beside him. It was his fourth or fifth beer. He looked over at Cohen who had been drinking water all night so he could drive.

“You ready to get out of here?”

09-11-19_12-52-44 AM

Cohen looked at his watch then nodded. “I need to get you all home then get home myself before my curfew. My dad will kill me if I’m late again.”

They all piled into Cohen’s car to head home. The music was cranked up and they were all singing along. What they didn’t see was the car in their lane heading straight at them.

09-11-19_1-04-35 AM

Shelby was still mostly asleep when she grabbed her ringing phone off the nightstand.


“Mrs. Powell?”

“Yes. Who is this?” She looked at the clock, seeing it was almost two in the morning.

“I am calling from Magnolia Medical Center. You are listed as the contact for Campbell and Devin Powell.”

Shelby sat up and gave Philip a shake. “Are they alright? What happened?”

“They were in an accident. We need you to come to the hospital.”

“We will be right there.”

09-11-19_1-04-59 AM

She hung up the phone and looked at Philip.

“The boys were in an accident. We need to get to the hospital.”

6:1 We Go On

09-10-19_10-55-14 PM

Campbell stood in the cemetery surrounded by the graves of the family members who had already passed on. It was just two years earlier that he stood there watching while they buried his Uncle Daniel. Now he was there for the goodbyes to his great grandfather Patrick. This one was harder than the previous one. He hadn’t known his Uncle Daniel very well. He only truly saw him at family functions. Grandpa Patrick he had spent every day with for the past couple years. This one was a rough one for him.

He looked over at Devin who had moved to stand with him.

“You okay?”

He felt his brother’s arm around his shoulders and nodded.

“I’m fine. You?”

Devin nodded. “I’m worried about Mom and Grandpa though.”

“Me too.”

Shelby and Andy had been with Patrick when he died. They were both taking it pretty hard.

09-10-19_10-56-31 PM

Philip was trying his best to be strong for the family, but it hadn’t been easy for him. Campbell looked over at his dad who had his arms around his mom. It was easy to see how upset he was about this. He had already lost so many of his friends.

He noticed that people were starting to go to their cars. He walked over to his grandfather. He hated seeing him so upset like this.

He put his arms around his grandpa and hugged him tight. He could feel his grandpa’s tears.

“We are going to be okay, Grandpa.”