6:18 In My Blood

09-25-19_3-19-35 PM

Annette looked up at Campbell when he came in. “Your grandfather wants to see you in his office.”

“Thanks, Annette.”

Campbell knocked on his grandfather’s door before going in. “Hi, Grandpa.”

Andy pointed to the chair and finished his call while Campbell waited. He smiled as he looked at his grandson.

09-25-19_3-24-37 PM

“How did your finals go?”

“They went well. Passed them all.”

“With perfect scores, I bet.”

Campbell shook his head. “Almost. It was one or two questions on most of them. Still very high scores though.”

“Good job, Campbell. I am extremely proud of you.”

“Thank you, Grandpa. Annette said you wanted to talk to me.”

Andy nodded. “I do. I wanted to let you know that I am going to give you your own crew.”

Campbell was surprised. He hadn’t expected that.

“You have done some extremely good work and I feel that you are ready now.”

09-25-19_3-25-02 PM

Campbell didn’t know what to say. He was surprised by everything that has been happening lately. “Thank you, Grandpa.”

Andy handed him a file. “This is your crew. You can decide which of your two projects you want them to work on. I will loan you one of my other crews for the other project. Your crew will start tomorrow and meet you here so you can tell them where they are going and give them the details.”

Campbell listened to his grandfather while he looked through the file. He would study it more closely at home so that he could get to know his crew before he met them. 

Andy handed him another file. “This is all of the paperwork for the youth center. All of the permits and everything you will need.”

Campbell put the file with the other one. “I want the crew to work on the youth center.”

Andy nodded. “Then my crew can work on the park. How is that coming along anyway?”

“We break ground on it tomorrow morning. I will have Annette schedule a meeting with the new crew for after the ground breaking.”

Andy wrote something down and nodded. “The crew you have been working with on the park can continue the work. They already know what you want done and have everything they need.”

“Thank you, Grandpa. I do appreciate that.”

Andy looked at his grandson. “Are you going to be okay with attending the groundbreaking? I can go in your place if you want me to.”

Campbell shook his head. “I’ll be fine. The structures have already been removed from the park so it doesn’t look like it did before. That makes it much easier for me to push aside what had happened there and focus on what needs to be done.”

“Okay. If you decide you would rather me go, let me know at least an hour before time to be there.”

“I will.” Campbell made a couple notes on his notepad then looked at his grandfather. “I want to find a way to honor Devin at the youth center, Grandpa, and the people who were killed at the park. I think there should be something to memorialize them.”

“I agree. Grab the plans and lets see if there’s something we can change that will allow us to do it while staying in budget and not messing up the time frame.”

09-25-19_4-36-37 PM

Campbell went to his office and grabbed the plans off his drafting table. He took them to his grandfather’s office and spread them out on the table. They both looked at the plans. 

“What if we put something in this garden area here? A fountain with a plaque or something?”

Campbell looked at the area his grandfather was pointing to. It was one of the larger garden areas in the park. It would be easy to put a fountain there.

“I think that would be perfect.”

09-25-19_4-36-42 PM

They made the changes necessary for the fountain and adjusted the budget for it.

“I think I know where we may be able to get a fountain for free. It may need some repairs since it hasn’t been used in many years.”

Campbell looked at his grandfather. “Where?”

“Come with me to the warehouse.”

09-25-19_4-06-34 PM

They went to the warehouse and looked around. Andy led him to a back corner and smiled as he showed him the fountain.

“It’s a bit larger than I pictured putting in there.. I’m not sure, Grandpa.”

“Let me tell you about this fountain before you say no.”

Campbell was willing to listen. 

“This fountain was purchased by a man named Zaiden Maynard…my grandfather. There was a woman he really loved and she had seen the fountain and loved it. He bought it for her and the day he finished installing it in the yard, he surprised her by proposing to her beside it.”

Campbell looked closely at the fountain. “This was your grandparents’ fountain?”

Andy nodded. “I used to sit beside this fountain a lot when I was a kid.”

“We’ll find a way to use it, Grandpa.”

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