6:13 I Lived

09-21-19_1-04-38 PM

Andy had called both of the boys into his office. He had told them that it was to discuss their future after graduation. They had both graduated from high school the night before, and he was very proud of them both.

“Sit, please.”

He waited until they were both sitting then he looked at them both. He didn’t say a word. Just enjoyed watching them grow increasingly uncomfortable.

“Grandpa, did we do something wrong?”

Andy looked at Devin and finally smiled at them both. “You both made me very proud.”

09-21-19_1-08-00 PM

The boys both felt much better about being there now. They were able to relax and not worry about what they had done to upset their grandfather.

“I have a gift for the two of you.” He handed them both envelopes and watched while they were opened.

Devin wasn’t sure what it was he was looking at and looked over at Campbell who looked at their grandfather.

“Grandpa? You are sure about this?”

Andy nodded his head. “Land for the two of you to to do with as you please. If you both decide  to build homes, I will cover the cost of building them.”

Devin looked again at the papers in his hands. “I will need a place for Clare and I and the baby.”

He looked at his grandfather. “Thank you, Grandpa.”

Andy was glad that Devin was happy with his gift. He hadn’t heard Campbell’s feelings yet, however. 

“Grandfather, this gift is not deserved by either of us. We both have not earned it. We have both made big mistakes.”

Andy looked at his grandson. “Have you learned from those mistakes?” He waited for his grandson’s nod before continuing. “Have you repeated those mistakes?”

Campbell shook his head. He still did not feel this gift had been earned.

“Devin, I’d like to talk to Campbell in private please.”

09-21-19_1-10-10 PM

Once Devin had left the room, Andy moved to sit beside Campbell.

“Do you not like your gift?”

“The gift is great. I just don’t feel like I’ve done anything special to deserve it.”

Andy frowned as he listened. When did his grandson start to believe so little about himself?

09-21-19_1-10-18 PM

“You do deserve it, Campbell. You have worked your ass off. You graduated high school with almost perfect grades. You did that while going to college and working for me. That is something to be very proud of. Your redesign of the park…That is better than even I could have done.”

Campbell looked at his grandfather. “Really? You think so?” 

Andy nodded. “I do. You have talent, Campbell. I would not be giving you this gift if I did not think that you deserve it and could do something amazing with it.”

He still wasn’t convinced but he didn’t say anything. “I will do my best not to disappoint you, Grandpa.”

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