6:12 (I Like) The Way You Love Me

09-21-19_12-06-16 PM

Campbell kissed Rita’s cheek and squeezed her hand. “Relax. They are not going to change their attitude about you just because you are my girlfriend now. They liked you as my friend and they will like you now.”

Rita nodded and gave him a little smile. “I’m not one of your usual group of friends. I guess that is what worries me. I know how your mother feels about that group right now.”

“Like you said, you are not one of them.”

“What if they think I’m just a rebound from Holly?”

“Not all rebounds are bad, Rita. You are not a rebound. It’s been months since Holly died. She will always be in my heart, but now I love you and I want my family to know you as my girlfriend.”

09-21-19_12-06-10 PM

“At least we are being honest about our relationship and not keeping it a secret like Devin and Clare are. Can you imagine being married and expecting a child while living in different houses because you haven’t told your parents yet?”

Campbell could imagine it. He was the one that had to live with Devin and listen to the phone conversations every night and listen to his brother whining about not being with Clare and all the planning he was making for the two of them after graduation. 

“Let’s get inside so my mother can stop peeking through the window at us.”

Rita laughed and nodded.

09-21-19_12-08-56 PM

Shelby sat with Devin after Campbell had taken Rita home. “We need to talk.”

Devin nodded and looked at his mother. “What would you like to talk about?”

“You and Clare and the fact that you are married and expecting a child.”

Devin was shocked that she knew. “How did you…?”

09-21-19_12-10-02 PM

“Don’t worry about how I know. Why didn’t you tell us, Devin? We didn’t even know that you and Clare were dating.”

“We thought it would be weird if people knew. That her being a cousin and all.”

Shelby shook her head. “But she is not your cousin. You were adopted.”

“I know. We all know that, but not everybody does. We were going to keep it quiet until we left for college where nobody would know us or about the connection between the families.”

“You should have told us, Devin.”

“I’m sorry, Mom.” He looked down at his hands. “I guess we should tell her father.”

09-21-19_12-10-15 PM

“He already knows. He has known for awhile now. We were all waiting for the two of you to tell us.”

Devin frowned a bit. “How did he find out?”

“Clare’s doctor called him. She is still only 17, Devin. Her father has control of her medical care until her birthday. Just like your father and I have control of yours and Campbell’s.”

They hadn’t thought of that when all of this happened. “I’m sorry we didn’t tell you, Mom.”

“Tomorrow, we are all going to get together and talk about what to do. We can’t have you and Clare being apart like you are. She needs you to be there for her and the baby.”

Devin hugged his mother. “Thank you for not yelling and being mad about this.”

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