6:11 Human

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Andy watched Campbell show his drawings of the park to his parents. He was very proud of both of his grandsons and how well they had been doing lately. Campbell had been putting all of his attention on his studies and plans for the park. Devin had stopped going to parties with his friends and was working hard with the construction crew. He had built his mother a new jewelry cabinet that he was looking forward to giving her for her birthday in a couple months. With their high school graduation just a week away, Andy had his own surprise for the boys to show how proud he was of them.

Devin saw his grandpa watching the others and gave him a hug. “You okay, Grandpa?”

Andy nodded and smiled. “I’m fine. Just thinking about you and your brother.”

“What did we do this time?”

“You made me proud.”

Devin had been trying to figure out what they had done to get in trouble again then was surprised by his grandfather’s answer.

“Proud? I thought we were in trouble again.”

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Andy shook his head. “For once, not this time. You both have been working so hard in school and at the office. I’ve been paying attention. I’m very proud of you both. That’s why I talked to the judge also. You are both off all of your restrictions through the court.”

Devin was really surprised to hear that. “Really? We’re free?”

“You are free. Just promise me that you will make smart choices and stay out of trouble.”

“Grandpa, we’re just having fun.”

“You can have fun without being arrested, Devin. Twice in one week was a bit too much fun, wouldn’t you say?”

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Devin shrugged. “I agree. That was a bit much. How about if we cut it back to only needing bail money once a month?”

Andy shook his head. “How about if when you need bail money, you pay it yourself?”

Devin looked at his grandfather a bit shocked. “Harsh, but okay. Once a year it is.”

Andy shook his head and couldn’t help grinning. He knew that Devin was just joking with him now…or hoped he was at least. “Don’t ever change, Devin. I would really miss that goofiness of yours.”

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