6:10 Freedom!

09-16-19_1-40-35 PM

Campbell was sitting at the counter in the kitchen working on his homework. He had just finished his Trig and was now working on the homework for his intro to business class.

Philip looked over at his son then at his wife. “Where does our son get his brains from? It sure wasn’t from me.”

“Not from me either, darling. I think he gets them from his grandfather.”

Philip nodded agreeing. “Your father is one of the smartest people I know.”

Shelby smiled when she said that. “I’m pretty proud of him. He did bring you back home to us.”

She kissed him softly, then pulled back when she heard the string of curse words coming from her son’s mouth.


“Sorry, Mom. I knocked over my glass and spilled my water all over my work.”

09-16-19_1-41-20 PM

Philip pulled himself away from his wife and went to help his son clean up the mess and see if the work could be saved.

Campbell was carefully blotting the liquid from the drawing he had been working on. Philip worked on the counter and books

“What is that you are working on?”

“Just something Grandpa is going to take to the city council and the mayor.”

“Really? That’s impressive. Do you mind if I have a better look?”

Campbell sat the paper in a dry spot so his dad could see it. He watched nervously hoping that it would trigger his dad or anything.

“Is this the park?”

09-16-19_1-42-10 PM

Campbell nodded. “It’s a new rebuild of the park. I want to be able to enjoy the park again.Right now, I can’t.”

“It has bad memories attached to it. I understand.” 

He hugged his son tight. “I’m sorry you have had to go through it.”

Campbell pulled back and looked at his dad. “I am just glad you are okay and all of that mess is over with now.”

“So am I, son. Now, tell me what your grandfather is doing with your picture here and how he is going to get them to let you redo the park.”

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