6:8 Can’t Be Tamed

09-15-19_2-39-53 AM

Andy and Antonio were both in meetings with the construction crew. Campbell and Devin were working on cleaning the office a bit as a surprise for their grandpa. Campbell was sweeping the stairs when Devin asked if he knew what was upstairs.

“It’s an apartment. Grandpa stays there some nights when he works late or when he needs a break from the rest of us.”

Devin hadn’t known about the apartment before. “Have you seen the apartment?”

Campbell nodded. “I was up there yesterday getting something for Grandpa.”

Devin looked up to the top of the stairs. “I want to check it out.”

Campbell shrugged. “I can’t stop you.”

Devin grabbed his brother’s arm and pulled him up the stairs with him. “I’m not going in here by myself.

09-15-19_2-40-48 AM

Campbell rolled his eyes and followed his brother. He stayed by the door while his brother checked things out. 

“Campbell, come look at this. I think Grandpa may be up to something.”

Campbell walked over to his brother and looked at the stuff Devin was talking about. He frowned as he looked at it.

He picked up one of the pictures and frowned.

“This is Dad. It looks like a really old picture.” He looked closer at the picture. “This is from when he was being held captive. How did Grandpa get this picture?”

09-15-19_2-41-47 AM

He looked at the other things on the table then looked at Devin.

“What is Grandpa up to?”

Devin shook his head. “I don’t know, but I don’t think we should ask him. He may not like that we were up here poking our noses into this.”

“It was your idea, Dev.”

“You didn’t stop me, so if I get in trouble, so do you.”

That was how it had always been. Devin getting them into the messes and Campbell trying to get them out of them.

7 thoughts on “6:8 Can’t Be Tamed

      1. They would never hurt each other…on purpose. They have been best friends since they were in diapers. There will be distance put between them at some point soon. One of them does something to cause it.

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