6:7 Burn It All Down

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Andy had managed to get the judge to lift some of the restrictions on the boys. There were some new ones imposed however. In return for being taken off house arrest, the boys had to go to work for Andy. They also had to continue the drug tests. 

Since Devin has always shown an interest in building things, Andy set him up with one of the crews. Campbell was more interested in designing, so Andy set him up with a desk in Antonio’s office. He was happy to have the boys there working with him. He knew it kept them both out of trouble.

“Grandpa? Are you busy?”

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Andy looked up at Campbell and smiled. “Come on in. Is something wrong?”

Campbell shook his head. “Antonio needed to make a few phone calls, so I thought I would give him some privacy.”

“That is very kind of you.” Andy knew that some of the phone calls that Antonio made were not intended for others to overhear. They had to do with the other business. “What were you working on?”

09-15-19_1-54-24 AM

Campbell showed him the sketches he had been doing. “I was working on two things actually. This is a rough sketch of the house I hope to have for myself some day.”

Andy looked it over and nodded. “You did a really good job on this. The measurements are a bit off, but we can easily fix that. Andy worked with Campbell on fixing the measurements and making a few adjustments to the house. 

09-15-19_1-55-15 AM

“Thank you, Grandpa.”

Andy shook his head. “You did the work. Not me. This is your design. A very good one too.”

Campbell couldn’t help smiling. It made him happy to know that he made his grandfather proud.

“Do you want to show me the other design you were working on?”

Campbell’s smile disappeared. Andy noticed and felt bad for asking.

“You don’t have to show me if you don’t want to, Campbell. It’s alright.”

Campbell shook his head. “That’s not the problem, Grandpa. I do want you to see it. It’s just that this one is connected to bad memories.”

He showed his grandpa the other drawing. 

“It’s the park. I was drawing a new design for it. One that doesn’t remind me of the day Dad was shot.”

Andy looked at the park then nodded. “Did you know that the park was the very first project that this company ever did?”

09-15-19_1-56-42 AM

Campbell shook his head. He felt bad now that he knew that he had drawn a sketch that changed one of his grandfather’s designs. He took the paper and started to crumple it up.

Andy reached out and took the paper. “Don’t. This is a great design.”

He looked closely at his grandson. “Going to the park is hard for you, isn’t it.”

Campbell nodded. “I haven’t been there since that day. I have tried to go, but I can’t.”

“I will talk to the Mayor and the Council about renovating the park. Let’s work on sharpening up your design so I can present it to them.”

Campbell looked at his grandfather. “My design?”

Andy nodded. “I think it is a great design. You have all of the elements needed for a family of all ages to enjoy a day at the park. I want you to be able to take your children to the park and enjoy being there.”

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