6:6 Broken Halos

09-15-19_1-32-54 AM

Shelby put her phone back in her pocket then went to find Philip.

“Come to Daddy’s office. We need to talk.”

Philip followed her to the office and sat down.

09-15-19_1-34-49 AM

“I just got off the phone with Dr. Brown. He said that the Trazadone that Campbell has been taking all these years can cause a false positive on a drug test.”

Philip frowned as he listened to her.

“He did tell me that he hadn’t done anything.”

Andy nodded. “He told me the same thing.”

Shelby felt bad for her son. “None of us listened or believed him. It’s no wonder he’s not talking to any of us.”

09-15-19_1-35-37 AM

Philip looked at his wife. “That’s only part of the problem we have though. Devin tested positive also and he’s not on any medications.”

Shelby looked at her dad. “I don’t know what to do, Daddy.”

Andy wasn’t quite sure either. “I’ll make some phone calls and see what we can do for both of the boys. What does Dr. Brown suggest we do about Campbell?”

“He wants to see him in the office to talk to him.”

Philip shook his head. “I asked Campbell about going to see him. He does not want to. Said if he felt the desire to talk to him, he would call him himself.”

Shelby sighed hearing that. “We can’t force him to go or he will stop going completely. Let’s hope that if things get too bad, he will call and make an appointment.”

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