6:5 Billy The Kid

09-15-19_1-12-32 AM

Shelby tapped on the bedroom door.


She poked her head in and saw that he was still in bed. She shut the door frowning. He had been sleeping all weekend.

09-15-19_1-15-43 AM

She found Devin in his usual spot…the refrigerator. 

“Has your brother said anything about being sick?”

Devin shook his head and looked at his mom. “He stopped taking this meds. Something about them messing up his life.”

Shelby frowned as she thought about that. How was his medication messing up his life? They helped him.

She went back up to the boys’ room and into their bathroom. She saw that his meds were not in the medicine cabinet where they usually were.

09-15-19_1-19-48 AM

She went back to the bedroom and sat on the edge of the bed. “Campbell…darling…can you wake up and talk to me for a minute?”

He turned over and stretched then looked at his mom.

“Where are your pills?”

“Flushed them.”

“Why? You know you need them.”

“I told you before about them and you didn’t listen.”

“I will call Dr Brown and have him write another prescription for you.”

He rolled back over to face the wall. She still wasn’t listening. He wasn’t going to waste his time trying to explain it again.

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