6:3 All Night Long (All Night)

09-11-19_10-04-14 PM

Campbell and Devin had been released from the hospital and immediately charged with underage drinking. The lawyer their grandpa had gotten for them managed to get the judge to agree with a fine, community service, and the two of them attending AA meetings. They were also grounded.

Their parents were letting them go to Holly’s funeral. They knew how important Holly had been to Campbell. They had dated for two years and had made plans to go to college together the following year.

Campbell looked up when his dad sat down beside him.

“You okay?”

Campbell shook his head. “Not really.”

Philip would have been surprised if his son had said yes.

“You know you can talk to me or your mother anytime you need to get your feelings off your chest.”

Campbell nodded. “I know, Dad.” 

Campbell didn’t want to go to his parents. His mother was still dealing with losing Grandpa Patrick, and his father was trying to help her through it. He didn’t want to pile even more on top of them. He had Devin to talk to about it.

09-11-19_10-12-16 PM

Philip stood up and headed for the door. He turned back and looked at his son. “Do you want me to call Dr. Brown and make an appointment for you?”

Campbell shook his head. “No thanks. If I get to the point of needing to talk to him, I’ll call him.”

Dr. Brown was the therapist that he had been seeing since the incident in the park when his dad had been shot. He still saw him once a month. Occasionally he would call for an additional appointment.

09-11-19_10-13-04 PM

Philip walked back over to his son and hugged him. “Your mother and I both love you, Campbell. We worry about you.”

“I love you too, Dad.”

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