6:1 We Go On

09-10-19_10-55-14 PM

Campbell stood in the cemetery surrounded by the graves of the family members who had already passed on. It was just two years earlier that he stood there watching while they buried his Uncle Daniel. Now he was there for the goodbyes to his great grandfather Patrick. This one was harder than the previous one. He hadn’t known his Uncle Daniel very well. He only truly saw him at family functions. Grandpa Patrick he had spent every day with for the past couple years. This one was a rough one for him.

He looked over at Devin who had moved to stand with him.

“You okay?”

He felt his brother’s arm around his shoulders and nodded.

“I’m fine. You?”

Devin nodded. “I’m worried about Mom and Grandpa though.”

“Me too.”

Shelby and Andy had been with Patrick when he died. They were both taking it pretty hard.

09-10-19_10-56-31 PM

Philip was trying his best to be strong for the family, but it hadn’t been easy for him. Campbell looked over at his dad who had his arms around his mom. It was easy to see how upset he was about this. He had already lost so many of his friends.

He noticed that people were starting to go to their cars. He walked over to his grandfather. He hated seeing him so upset like this.

He put his arms around his grandpa and hugged him tight. He could feel his grandpa’s tears.

“We are going to be okay, Grandpa.”

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