5:71 My Time On Earth

07-12-18_5-59-44c2a0pm10-21-18_10-11-29c2a0pm07-27-18_11-21-29c2a0am08-30-18_9-07-12c2a0am05-13-19_10-29-53-pm05-05-19_1-04-18-am11-18-18_2-10-39c2a0pmedited11-15-18_3-29-56c2a0am11-11-18_1-22-12c2a0pm05-23-19_8-59-01-pm06-26-19_5-35-56-pm08-17-19_4-37-44-pm09-07-19_2-16-29 AM09-07-19_8-26-00 PM


We have reached the end of Generation 5. Thank you all for sticking with the story this long. There is more still to come. Campbell’s generation will start with a small time jump of a couple years. He will be a teenager when we next see him. 🙂

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