5:70 The Greatest Man I Never Knew

09-07-19_2-44-19 AM

Shelby knocked on the door and stepped back waiting for an answer. She was happy when it was Kaitlyn who answered the door. She hugged her friend.

“Is Shawn home? I need to talk to him.”

Kaitlyn nodded and led her to the living room where Shawn was playing with their toddler. He looked up when he realized they had company. He saw the look on her face and stood up.

09-07-19_2-48-00 AM

“What happened? Is it Philip?”

Shelby shook her head. “It’s Uncle Daniel…your grandfather. I’m sorry.”

It was hard for her to keep herself from crying again. She had loved her uncle. When she was a little girl, she had thought he was the greatest person alive other than her father and grandfathers.

Shawn sat down on the closest chair. “How? What happened?”

09-07-19_2-48-21 AM

“He was helping his brother with something and someone shot him. I don’t know all of the details. You would have to ask Uncle Anthony.”

“I just found him. We were getting to know each other. There were still stories about Mom I wanted to tell him.”

“I’m sorry, Shawn.” She felt really bad for her cousin at the moment. It wasn’t fair that he had to lose his grandfather so soon after they connected. “If it helps any, I had never seen him happier since he had been since you found him. He had such a sad life, but you and Clare made him happy.”

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