5:65 No Hero

09-04-19_3-58-00 PM

Shelby looked at her father.

“He is to rest. Don’t be asking him a bunch of questions and get him upset.”

Andy nodded at his daughter and smiled.

“You go home and get a shower and see the kids. We’ll be fine here. I’m not going to get him upset.”

She knew her dad was going to start asking Philip questions as soon as she walked out the door.

“I mean it, Dad.”

“I know, Princess. Kiss the kids for me.”

09-04-19_3-58-39 PM

Shelby knew that she was talking to a brick wall. She leaned over and kissed Philip softly. “Do not let him get you worked up. You know what the doctor said.”

He smiled back at her and nodded. “We will be have. Cross my heart.”

He watched Shelby leave and looked at his father-in-law grinning. “I think she believes you are up to something.”

“She would be correct. I’m just trying to find out who shot you. The cops haven’t arrested anyone yet.”

“I know. They were already here. I already told them that I have no clue who it was. I was worried about protecting the boys.”

09-04-19_4-01-41 PM

Andy pulled his chair closer to the bed and put a sheet of paper on the tray. 

“I’m not going to ask about the shooter. I’m going to ask about these men and women. They went to Strangerville with you.”

Philip looked at the names then nodded. He sat the paper down and closed his eyes.

09-04-19_4-01-46 PM

“Philip, I know this is hard, but it is important. Several of these people have died. I need to know which ones died while with you. If any of them were involved in what happened to you, I need to know that also.”

Philip looked at Andy, then nodded. He grabbed a pen then started making notes beside some of the names.

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