5:64 Gangsta’s Paradise

09-02-19_7-32-03 PM

Andy looked at the note from Antonio about the phone number. It seems to have come from a phone using a spoofer. There was no way to find out who had made the call.

He looked through the papers that Antonio had been able to put together for him. A copy of them had already been sent to Philip’s lawyer.

“Who would want Philip dead? Who would benefit?”

He had Antonio trying to put together a list of those who had been sent to Strangerville with him. 

“What were they doing in that place that killing people is necessary?”

He thought about the people at the park. Innocent people, including children, had been killed or injured. Why? What was the big secret?

He wanted to talk to Philip, but Shelby was still the only person allowed in to see him. They were planning to move him to a step down room soon and then he could have more visitors. 

He looked at the pictures that were taken from the video Nancy had managed to get for him. He was glad he had these made before handing the video over to Shelby. He looked through the pictures trying to single out the people who were captive, and the people who weren’t. He wished he could put names to the faces in the pictures. The only one he knew was Philip and he knew he was one of the captives.

09-02-19_7-33-03 PM

He looked up when Antonio came into the office. “I have the list you asked for. I have marked the names of those who did not return from Strangerville alive.”

He sat the list on Andy’s desk. “There have been three killed in the past few weeks, Andy. Something is going on. Something I’m not sure we want to become mixed up in.”

Andy looked at his cousin. “We became mixed up in this when they decided to kidnap my son in law and again when they took shots at him while my grandsons were with him.”

Antonio knew he wasn’t going to give this up so didn’t push it. There was a reason why their uncle put Andy in charge instead of him. This was why. Andy wouldn’t give up, especially when it involved family. Antonio would back off and let it go. Sometimes the world needed more Andys and less Antonios.  

09-02-19_7-33-42 PM

Andy picked up the phone and dialed the number. “Nancy, we need to talk.”

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