5:63 Never Let Go

09-02-19_5-57-05 PM

Shelby sat between her father and grandfather. Philip’s parents were on their way. Her dad had called them to let them know about their son. 

Philip had been taken to surgery before they had arrived. She had not gotten to see her husband or tell him that she loved him.

Patrick looked at his granddaughter and wished he could change things for her. She didn’t deserve everything life was throwing at her.

“He’s going to be alright, honey. He’s been through worse than this and survived.”

She nodded her head. She was hoping her grandfather was right, but she didn’t feel as certain of it as she had when he had been missing. 

She looked at the clock for what felt like the hundredth time. The hands had barely moved even though it seemed like he had been in there for hours.

“What is taking them so long? I need an update.”

09-02-19_6-03-22 PM

Patrick looked over at Andy who nodded.

“I will go and see what I can find out, honey. Stay here with your grandfather.”

Andy got up just as his phone rang. He looked at the ID before answering then stepped outside.

09-02-19_6-05-08 PM


“Don’t say anything. Just listen. The shooting was not an accident. Someone is trying to silence your son-in-law. The other victims were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

The call was disconnected before Andy could ask who the caller was. He sent the number to Antonio and asked him to look into it. 

He went inside and stopped at the nurses station to see if they had an update on Philip.

He sat back down beside his daughter. “The nurses say that surgery has gone well and they will be moving him to a recovery room in a few minutes. Once he is settled you will be able to go in and see him.”

Shelby was relieved to hear that he made it through surgery. She would be able to tell her boys that their father was going to be okay.

09-02-19_6-07-32 PM

She looked up when the doctor came through the door.

“Mrs. Powell. Your husband is being settled in a recovery room now. You will be able to see him in a few minutes. Surgery went well. It was a clean shot that only affected the muscles. No organs were damaged. He will have a full recovery.”

She was so happy to hear that. She couldn’t hold back the tears any longer. All the stress and worry was removed from her shoulders and the tears just started to fall. “Thank you, Doctor.”

She let her dad wrap his arms around her as she cried into his chest.

Andy held her for a few minutes then nodded when the nurse came in to take her to see Philip.

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