5:62 Love Hurts

08-31-19_10-10-03 PM

Shelby hugged her boys tight then looked at her dad. She sent the boys upstairs to clean up.

“Where’s Philip?”

The fact that her husband was not with her father and the boys scared her.

08-31-19_10-18-07 PM

“Sit down, Shelby.”

Andy led her to a chair then sat beside her.

“Philip is at the hospital. He was shot, but he is alive.”

Shelby felt a little better knowing her husband wasn’t dead. At least this time, she knew where he was.

“I already called Nakusa. Her and John are going to bring the baby and come here to stay with the boys. I will drive you to the hospital as soon as they are here.”

08-31-19_10-33-12 PM

She nodded.

“How bad is he, Daddy?”

“He was shot in the side. He was not conscious when he was found. The boys saw it happen, Shelby. They were hiding in the pirate shit, but they saw it.”

Shelby put her hands over her face. Her poor little boys. 

“We’ll get them to talk to a therapist, Shelby. Maybe the one Philip sees can recommend someone.”

She nodded thinking about it. “I will call him tomorrow.”08-31-19_10-35-39 PM

The boys came down stairs and climbed onto the sofa. Shelby could see that they looked scared and had been crying.

“Your aunt is going to come stay with you while I go and see your dad.”

“He is going to be okay, right, Mommy?”

Shelby looked at Campbell and nodded. “He’ll be home with us again soon.” 

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