5:61 It Will Rain

08-31-19_8-08-36 PM

Shelby had just finished feeding Fiona and put her down in the crib. She needed to get dinner started before the boys all got home.

She turned the television on to listen to while she cooked. The house was too quiet without the boys.

She turned the oven on to preheat before getting what she needed from the fridge. She was working on chopping the vegetables when the news broke her concentration.08-31-19_8-13-06 PM

She ran to the living room and watched the news footage.

She pulled out her phone and called her father.

“Daddy…Philip and the boys are at the park. They went to the park so Fiona could sleep without the boys waking her. Daddy…”

Andy wasn’t sure why his daughter had called to tell him this. It was Patrick rushing into his office that connected the dots.

08-31-19_8-36-47 PM

“There was a shooting at the park. They say that several people have been killed and a lot are injured. Children are included in both killed and injured.”

“Shelby, I’ll go find them.” He jumped from his seat as he hung up the phone. He looked at his father. “Philip and the boys were at the park.”

08-31-19_8-44-29 PM

He ran towards the door to the garage as he called Antonio. “Get the guys and meet me at the park. Drop everything you are doing and get there now.”

He hit the button to raise the garage door and pulled out, speeding down the street toward the park.

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