5:57 Get Away

08-23-19_9-25-43 PM

Philip looked at the card in his hand. He had been talking to his therapist as well as his father-in-law about his options. They both suggested suing the military. 

“Grayson Latham…”

Shelby looked at her husband. “Did you say something?”

Philip showed her the card. “Your father gave me the number for a lawyer. I’m considering suing the military for what they did.”

Shelby knew that wouldn’t be an easy task, but she wasn’t going to talk him out of it.

“You know, I will support you in anything you do.”

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“I know.” He kissed her softly. “That is what I have always loved about you. You are always supportive and never critical.”

He picked up his phone thinking about it. “I’m going to call and at least talk to the lawyer. See what he thinks and if he would even be willing to take on a case against the military.”

Shelby listened to Philip’s side of the conversation. She had heard it all before, but it still made her both sad and angry when she heard it. She tried to push the feelings aside so she could be there for Philip when he got off the phone.

08-20-19_7-32-37 PM

“Mr. Latham, I watched men be tortured and experimented on. I watched men die. All of this was at the hands of the same military that we enlisted into in order to protect our country and the people in it. The military was supposed to support us, not destroy us. I know that soldiers die all the time doing their job. This was different. This was our own military doing this to us. People we were supposed to be fighting with, not against. They are going to continue to do this to others if they are not exposed and stopped. I have proof of the things they have done. I can give names. I just need someone who is willing to go up against them with me.”

08-23-19_9-35-36 PM

By the time Philip had hung up, Shelby was ready to go into this battle with him.

“What did he say, love?”

Philip looked at her still a little surprised it had been so easy. 

“He agreed to do it.”

Please make sure you read my friend’s story As The Sims World Turns. We have been collaborating on a few chapters this generation. There is a chapter being released later today that features Grayson’s side of this conversation.

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