5:55 Flawless

08-22-19_11-01-11 PM

Shelby dropped the kids off at home with their dad then headed for the city to visit her sister. She had talked her dad into letting her tell Nakusa about their mom. It would also give her a chance to see her nephew. Dale had been born while Shelby was sick, so she had not had the chance to meet him yet.

She hugged her sister and smiled. “I need to see that nephew of mine.”

08-22-19_11-02-59 PM

Shelby followed her sister to the nursery and couldn’t help smiling at the boy. She cuddled him and kissed his head.

She laid the sleeping baby back in his bed and looked at her sister. “He is beautiful.”

She followed Nakusa from the nursery. “I need to talk to you about something. 

08-22-19_11-05-00 PM

They went back downstairs to the kitchen where they could talk without waking the baby. Shelby sat beside her sister.

“Dad had a call from the prison today. Our mother died.”

Nakusa sat there a moment thinking about that. “I know I should probably feel bad about it, but I don’t. I didn’t really know her very well. I knew the things she did, but never knew her. Dad was the one that raised us and took care of us.”

Shelby nodded agreeing. “Kyle is lucky. He got away from her as soon as he was born. She didn’t have the chance to fuck him up.”

08-22-19_11-06-11 PM

Nakusa was about to say something when her phone rang. She picked it up and talked for a few minutes. After hanging up, she looked at her sister. “I need to go over to the office for a moment. Do you want to go with me?”

Shelby had never seen the office and was interested. She knew it was the same offices her family had owned many years before.

08-22-19_11-22-41 PM

They left the baby with John and walked over to the office.  Shelby looked around while Nakusa got the files she needed from her office.

Nakusa saw her sister looking out the window. “It’s an amazing view, isn’t it? Some pretty messed up stuff happened in this building when the family had the offices here before. I looked up some of the news articles. Apparently Grandpa Owen wrote a book about some of it.”

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