5:53 Angel In My Eyes

08-19-19_7-19-51 PM

Philip sat the half eaten bowl of soup on the nightstand and tucked the blankets around Shelby. He leaned down and kissed her then stood and watched her sleep for a few minutes. 

He picked up the bowl and took it downstairs to the kitchen.  He watched the boys sit at the table working on their homework.

“Is Mommy still sick?”

08-19-19_7-26-08 PM

Philip nodded. “She’s sleeping right now, so we have to be very quiet and not wake her up.”

“Daddy? Was mommy this sick when I was a baby in her belly?”

Philip remembered the short time he spent with her before he left. “She was. The doctor had to give her special medicine to help her feel better.”

“Maybe the doctor can give her that medicine again.”

Philip hoped so. Shelby had a doctor appointment the following morning and he was going to ask.

“How is the homework coming along?”

“I’m almost done, Dad.” 

Philip looked at Devin and smiled. “What do you have left?

“Just my reading. I was waiting for Campbell to finish his math then we could do reading together with you.”

Philip nodded. “Let me check on dinner while he finishes then we’ll do reading.”

He went into the kitchen and washed Shelby’s bowl. He checked the food he had cooking then went back to the dining room to help the boys.

08-19-19_7-26-50 PM

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