5:52 Hey Baby

08-19-19_2-56-44 AM

Shelby and Philip had decided to visit his parents in Oasis Springs while the boys were at school. Her dad was going to be at the house to stay with them after school.

They had limited seating options at the house but they made due. Philip made sure that his parents and wife had somewhere to sit and he stood off to the side.

“Where are the boys?”

“They are at school. We wanted to come and visit without them this time.”

“You are always welcome any time.”

Shelby adored Philip’s parents. They had always made her feel loved and welcome, even while they were dating. 

“We actually had a reason for the visit today. We wanted to tell you that we are expecting another baby.”

Philip’s father looked at Shelby and smiled.

08-19-19_2-58-51 AM

“Really? We were so worried that Philip wouldn’t be able…”

Philip smiled and shook his head. 

“That part of me definitely still works, Dad.”

“That’s good to know.” He smiled at both his son and daughter-in-law. “I am very happy for the two of you.”

He looked at his son. “You better keep your ass in town this time. No going anywhere.”

Philip nodded. “I do not plan to leave ever again.”

They stayed for a couple hours then left to head home to the boys.  Shelby listened to them tell about their day at school then sent them off to do their homework.

08-19-19_3-08-13 AM

“Thanks for being here for the boys, Daddy.”

“I am always happy to help out and spend time with my grandsons.”

Shelby looked at Philip and smiled then looked at her dad. “Well, Daddy, we’ll be adding another grandchild to the family for you.”

Andy looked at his daughter then grinned.

“You two have just made me very happy.”

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