5:48 Don’t Settle For Less

08-15-19_12-02-27 PM

Shelby had gone to the store to get things for the boys upcoming birthday. Philip was glad he was going to be home for this one. He had already missed enough.

The boys were with Andy and Patrick for the day. Andy had mentioned taking them somewhere to go swimming. He couldn’t remember for sure. 

All he knew was that he was alone in the house. Being alone wasn’t a feeling he really liked. He had been alone a lot in the lab. When he was alone, someone had been there doing something to him that was even worse than being alone.

He tugged on the sleeve of his shirt making sure it was covering the scars. They were finally starting to fade, but it still made him feel self-conscious.

08-15-19_12-07-43 PM

He heard the knock on the door and jumped. He hadn’t heard a knock in years. At the lab they always just unlocked the door and walked in any time that they wanted. 

He looked out the window and saw the man that he had seen going in and out of the house next door. He opened the door and stepped back. He didn’t know this man or what he wanted.08-15-19_12-08-07 PM

Shawn looked at the man who had answered the door. Even though they had never met, he knew it must be Philip. 

“I’m Shawn. I live next door. I was hoping that Shelby was home.”

“She went to the grocery store. She should be home soon.” 

08-15-19_12-08-45 PM

He wasn’t sure what to think of this man yet. What exactly was his relationship with Shelby. How close had they been while he had been gone.

“Could I leave a message for her with you?”

Philip nodded. He was interested in what this man wanted with his wife.

“Can you let her know that Kaitlyn has made an appointment for the both of them at the dress shop for tomorrow morning at 10 a.m.? It is the final fitting of their dresses before the wedding next weekend.”

08-15-19_12-09-25 PM

Philip wrote that down for her, then looked at Shawn. “Kaitlyn McIntyre? Shelby’s friend from high school?”

Shawn nodded. “That’s her. We’re getting married. Shelby set us up a couple years ago.”

Philip was actually glad to hear that. “She always was a little match maker. Setting up all her friends with dates.”

Shawn laughed hearing that. “It must run in the family. My mother was the same way.”

“You and Shelby are family?”

Shawn nodded. “Cousins. Her Uncle Daniel is my grandfather. I have never met him though. Maybe someday…”

Philip frowned a bit hearing that. “He will be here this weekend for the boys birthday. Maybe you could meet him them.”

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