5:47 Bodyguard

08-14-19_9-46-38 PM

Shelby kept looking at the clock. The therapist wanted to see Philip alone, which was fine with Shelby. She knew that they could talk more in detail about things when she wasn’t there. Philip seemed to hold back when she was with him. It was like he was trying to protect her from some of it.

Even though she knew this was good for Philip, she still worried. He was still having nightmares at night. He was still talking in his sleep. Now that she knew what had happened, it was hard for her to listen. There were a few times that she would go into the bathroom and cry. She always found Philip awake and waiting for her when she returned to bed. Even though he never asked or said anything, she knew that he knew. She could see it in his eyes every time. That made her feel guilty. 

08-14-19_9-48-28 PM

“Mommy! Campbell bit me.”

Shelby looked at Devin’s arm then looked at Campbell. “Do we bite our brother?”

She watched him cross his arms and pout. She pointed to the time out chair and watched him shake his head. She didn’t even realize that Philip had come home until Campbell ran to him.

08-14-19_9-51-09 PM

“Daddy, Mommy is being mean.”

“Campbell Maynard Powell. Get your butt into that chair right now.”

Philip looked at her then back at Campbell. “I think you better do what your mother says. She wouldn’t tell you to sit there if you hadn’t done something you shouldn’t have.”

08-14-19_9-52-12 PM

They watched him climb into the chair and pout. Philip looked at Shelby. “What did he do?”

“He bit Devin.”

“Then time out is what he needs. Why did he bite his brother though?”

Shelby looked at Devin. She hadn’t gotten to that point yet before Philip came in.

“I licked his arm. We were playing doggy. I was the nice doggy that gives kisses. He was the mean doggy and he bit me.”

Shelby glared at Philip when he started laughing. “Don’t encourage it, Philip. Our son has a bad habit of biting people.”

He sat down at the dining table so they could talk. “What can I do to help with the boys? I know I have not been much help since I have gotten home. I want to change that. I want to help you raise them.”

Shelby smiled when he said that. “We’ll talk after the boys have gone to bed.”

5 thoughts on “5:47 Bodyguard

    1. It was cute and funny. My sisters and I used to play that all the time. It also shows a bit of what Shelby has had to deal with on her own for awhile now. Hopefully now Philip will be able to help her out with the boys.


  1. I remember throwing a can of hairspray at a girl because she called me a B, she ducked and it broke the window. When ask about it I told what happened and then said, “If she hadn’t ducked the window would not have got broken.” Kids logic.

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