5:46 Bigger Than Us

08-12-19_6-29-07 PM

Shelby sat in her dad’s office trying not to cry as she told her dad everything Philip had said. She told him about the experiments, the threats, the beatings, the starvations, the torture, and the one that had hurt her the most to hear about…the rapes.

Andy wrapped his arms around his daughter and let her cry. He had known that there would be a lot of adjustments when Philip got home. When he had seen the kind of shape he was in when rescued, he had suspected some of what happened, but not all.

“You said he is seeing a therapist?”

08-12-19_6-31-01 PM

Shelby nodded and wiped her eyes. “He had the first appointment this morning. He is at home napping now. The boys are with Shawn and Kaitlyn.”

She thought about something else that he had told her after his nightmare.

“Dad, why would the military lie about a helicopter crash? They said that Philip died in a crash, but that does not fit with what Philip has said.”

Andy frowned thinking about it. “What did Philip say happened?”

“He said that they drove to the lab and there was a mob of people there trying to get in to search for aliens.”

08-12-19_6-31-08 PM

Andy couldn’t help thinking that sounded like some of that Storm Area 51 stuff he had been seeing on social media lately. He wondered if this was part of that.

“The military got him inside the lab, but things were worse for him inside. They kept him chained to a bed, Dad. He was only unchained when they were torturing him or doing one of the other evil things to him.”

Andy looked at his daughter. “How are you dealing with knowing this?”

08-12-19_6-31-17 PM

She shook her head. “I’m not. I’ve been focused on making sure that Philip is alright. I haven’t had any time to really think about any of this until now.”

“You need to deal with your own feelings about what your husband has gone through. You do not want it to come between the two of you.”

“I know. That’s partly why I am here. I know I can talk to you and not worry about upsetting Philip.”

Andy nodded. “You are always welcome to come here and talk. You always have my shoulder and your grandfather’s.”

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