5:45 All The Way

08-12-19_1-53-38 PM

Shelby held onto Philip’s hand. She knew he was nervous about coming here, but she knew this would be good for him. He would be able to talk to someone about what happened. Someone who could help him cope with everything and once again become a productive citizen in the community.

When his name was called she looked at him.

“Do you want me to go in with you?”

She squeezed his hand when he nodded. She was hoping that once they got through this first visit, he would be more comfortable coming to these appointments. She figured there would be some things he would want to talk to the therapist about when she wasn’t around. She had a feeling that he held some things back when he told what had happened. 

She wasn’t going to pressure him though. She wanted him to feel comfortable being able to talk to her. As long as he felt pressured, he would feel like he had to hide things. From his nightmares the past few nights, she knew there was more she didn’t know and could guess on from the things he had said in his sleep. She really hoped the guesses were wrong though.

Philip held onto Shelby’s hand glad she was with him for this. She helped remind him that he was no longer in that place, and that he was safe and loved.

“Mr. Powell…”

08-12-19_1-48-20 PM

Philip felt Shelby squeeze his hand a bit and realized that the doctor had been saying something to him.

“I’m sorry. My mind kind of wandered off. It tends to do that a lot.”

“It’s fine. Where did your mind take you?”

“Back to the lab.” Philip held tight to Shelby’s hand. “That was where…”

Shelby felt his grip on her hand get almost painfully tight and knew that whatever he had been about to say was bad. She covered his hand with her other one and spoke softly to him.

“It’s okay, darling. Whatever it was that happened there, won’t happen again. You are home and safe now.”

08-12-19_1-36-47 PM

He looked over at her and nodded. He was so glad she was there. His grip loosened up on her hand and he seemed to relax a little, but not fully.

“That was where they used me for their experiments.”

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