5:42 Closer Than Friends

08-09-19_11-02-31 AM

Shelby was talking to Shawn and just enjoying a relaxing day. She was no longer running the day care. It had gotten to be too much. She was fine with money though, so she wasn’t worried.

“I have seen Kaitlyn over at your place a lot.” 

Shawn nodded and smiled.”I’m hoping she’ll be moving in soon.”

Shelby couldn’t help getting excited.

“I’m planning to ask her to marry me tonight at dinner.”

Shelby was about to say something but her ringing phone cut her off. She looked at the ID and saw it was coming from a number she didn’t recognize. She frowned as she answered it.

08-09-19_11-02-24 AM


“Shelby? Baby?”

Shelby could hear his voice clearly and almost dropped the phone.


“I’m coming home, baby. I’m coming home.”08-09-19_11-02-56 AM

They talked for a few more minutes so she could get the information she needed to pick him up from the airport.

After she hung up, she looked at Shawn. “Philip is coming home.”

12 thoughts on “5:42 Closer Than Friends

  1. Yes. I am sure he will need counseling. Like everyone said will he be the same. My answer is “no.” When you go through what he was through it will change you. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Will their marriage last through this is my question?

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