5:40 Every Light in The House

08-07-19_1-58-44 PM

Shelby was trying to get the kids ready for bed when she heard her phone ring. She sighed and grabbed it off the sink. She looked at the caller ID before answering.

“Hello, Commander Bright.”

“Hello, Mrs. Powell. I am calling with an update on your husband.”

Shelby wrapped the towel around Devin and sent him to the bedroom. She was now able to talk on the phone without a distraction.

08-07-19_2-03-20 PM

“Have you found Philip?”

“We have not. Washington agrees that the video is authentic and have reversed his status back to Missing in Action.”

That was a start at least. Shelby still was not happy about their lack of progress.

“Are you planning to resume the search for him?”

“We have people heading to Strangerville now. I will keep you updated.”

Shelby knew she wouldn’t hear from until unless Philip was found. She wasn’t stupid. She knew how it worked with him.

“Thank you.”

08-07-19_2-09-40 PM

Shelby hung up and sighed. She was glad that his status had been fixed but she still wanted her husband home. She had not seen or spoken to him in almost 4 years now. She really missed him.

She went to finish getting the kids ready for bed and get them tucked in.

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