5:37 Endless Summer Nights

08-04-19_2-20-07 PM

Shelby looked at the caller ID before answering the phone. She talked for a few minutes then hung up and called her father.

“Dad, they just called. They looked at the video and believe that Philip is alive. They are sending the video to Washington to have someone else verify that it is really him.”

They talked for awhile longer before hanging up. She smiled as she looked at Campbell. Now that they believed Philip was alive, hopefully they would look for him again and then bring him home to his family.

She called Philip’s parents to let them know what was happening. She could hear the joy and the hope in his mother’s voice and really hoped that the military didn’t drop the ball again like they had before. They all wanted Philip home. Campbell needed his father home. 

She had caught Campbell talking to a picture of Philip a few days earlier. She talked to him about his father a lot. She wanted him to know his dad even though they had never met.

08-04-19_2-21-29 PM


She looked at her son and smiled.

“You kay?”

She nodded and picked him up.

“Mommy is just fine. We are all going to be just fine.”

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