5:36 All Out Of Love

08-02-19_5-07-36 PM

Shelby sat with Shawn and Kaitlyn watching the kids playing. She was happy for the distraction. It kept her mind from wondering what was going on in the search for Philip. She really wished someone would tell her what was happening.

She saw the way the two of them kept looking at each and couldn’t help smiling. She had known that the two of the would hit it off. She was glad that her friends were getting along so well.

“What time is the movie the two of you are planning to go see?”

Shawn looked at his watch before answering. “Still have a couple hours before it starts. Plenty of time to hang out here with you for awhile.”

Shelby was glad they had time. She enjoyed having adult conversation from time to time. Most of her time was spent with toddlers and as much as she loved them, she needed adults also.

“You too look like you are getting along pretty well.”

08-02-19_5-08-16 PM

Kaitlyn looked at Shawn and smiled. “We are. You were right when you said he was cute and sweet.”

She couldn’t help smiling at the two of the. They were cute together. Her cousin and her best friend.

“What are you over there grinning about?”

Shelby shook her head. “Just thinking about how cute the two of you are together.”

“And thinking how right you were about us meeting.”

“I didn’t say that, but I was right.”

08-02-19_5-07-46 PM

Shawn looked at Kaitlyn and nodded. “You were. You said she was beautiful, sweet, and an amazing person. She is all of that and more.”

Shelby watched then and felt a bit of sadness. She missed having this with Philip. She hoped that since they now knew he was alive, he would be home soon.

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