5:35 Control

08-02-19_2-51-07 PM

Shelby walked into the base commander’s office and sat the file on his desk. “You made a mistake. My husband is not dead, and what is in this file proves it.”

The commander looked up at Shelby a bit confused. He took the file and looked through it. “What is on the drive?”

“Video taken just three days ago of Philip and his captors.”

“How did you get this?”

“That is not important. What is important is that you declared my husband dead when there is proof that he is still alive.” 

He looked up at Shelby. “I don’t have the power to reverse that decision. I will send these to DC and let them have a look at them. What is done now is up to the people there.”

08-02-19_2-51-31 PM

It took all of Shelby’s power not to yell at the guy. “They better not mess this up like you did. My husband is alive and he needs to be brought home.”

Shelby left the office and called her father. 

“Dad, I need you to keep looking for Philip. The base commander didn’t seem too impressed with the file. I don’t think they want to find him because it will show that they made a mistake.”

08-02-19_2-52-51 PM

The base commander looked through the file then watched the video. He got on the phone to call his own commander.

“We have a problem. Someone has found out about Powell.”

6 thoughts on “5:35 Control

  1. I said they were hiding something, when they forced the funeral on her. Why Phillip and how many more have they done this to? Go get’em Daddy Andy. Make them pay!!!

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