5:33 Cherish

07-30-19_8-21-03 AM

Shelby sat across the table from the social worker. They had been discussing Devin and what was going on with finding his parents.

“We have no idea who his father is. His name is not on the boy’s birth certificate.”

Shelby frowned a bit as she listened.

“What about his mother?”

“She was found in the morgue. She had overdosed.”

07-30-19_8-25-46 AM

Shelby felt bad hearing that. Devin had no parents. 

“What about her family? Are they going to take in Devin?”

The social worker shook her head. “Her parents are elderly and in poor health. They aren’t capable of caring for him.”

“So what is going to happen to him?”

07-30-19_8-26-19 AM

“We’ll find a permanent home for him.”

“You mean a family to adopt him?”

The social worker nodded her head. “We are hoping you would be willing to take guardianship of him until we can find an adoptive family.”

Shelby looked at the boys playing together. She couldn’t imagine the two of them separated.

“What would I have to do to adopt him myself?”

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