5:32 Back To Your Heart

07-27-19_11-17-10 PM

Shelby watched the boys go off with Nakusa. She was grateful to her sister for keeping an eye on them while she talked to their dad.

She tapped on his office door. “Daddy?”

07-27-19_11-18-53 PM

Andy looked up and smiled. “Hi, Princess. I didn’t know you were coming over today. Where are the boys?”

“They are with  Nakusa. I wanted to talk to you about something.”

Andy could see that something was bothering her. “Come on in. I always have time to talk with you.”

07-27-19_11-19-30 PM

Shelby sat in one of the chairs and bit her lip. She thought about what Shawn had told her.

“Why didn’t you tell me that you took over for Uncle Daniel?”

Andy wasn’t sure what to say at first. He had worked hard to keep that from the kids and the rest of the family.

“Shawn told you, didn’t he?”

Shelby nodded.

“Your grandfather told me that he is Daniel’s grandson. I’m not surprised that he knew.”

Andy looked at his daughter and sighed.

“I’ve done things I’m not proud of doing, Shelby. That is why I never told you.”

“I know you would never do anything without a good reason. I know you, Daddy. You are a good man.”

07-27-19_11-21-33 PM

He was glad that she didn’t think bad about him now. “What were you needing, Princess? I’m pretty sure it has something to do with this conversation.”

Shelby nodded and told her dad about the phone call she had. “I really think it was Philip, Daddy.”

He listened to her and thought about the lack of progress made by the military before they declared him dead. 

“You want me to see if I can find out anything?”

She nodded. “I don’t know what else to do, Daddy. I really do believe it is him calling me. He is still alive and for some reason he can’t come home.”

Andy nodded. “I’ll see if I can find out anything, Princess. I need the phone number he has been calling from.”

Shelby wrote down the number for him. 

“I promise I will do everything I can to get him home to you, Princess.”

“Thank you, Daddy.”

8 thoughts on “5:32 Back To Your Heart

  1. Finally, daddy gets involved. I don’t think the military even tried. Plus, they kind of forced the funeral on her. What are they hidding?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hopefully Andy can find him. There is actually going to be a cross over with this story line. A friend is writing a story and is taking the roll of some of Andy’s “workers”. First chapter of it comes out tomorrow.


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