5:29 Voce Existe Em Mim

07-25-19_2-21-15 PM

Shelby looked at the clock then back at the little boy who was playing with Campbell. His parents should have been here a few hours ago to pick him up.

She tried to call for the third time and finally was able to get ahold of someone. After talking to the person for several minutes she frowned. Why would someone drop a child off and give the wrong contact information on the paperwork? Something wasn’t right.

She called the police and explained to them what was going on. She then decided to feed the kids dinner while she waited for the police and social worker to arrive.

07-25-19_2-25-56 PM

She put the two boys to bed and was glad that her father still had Kyle’s toddler bed. He had brought it over after the social worker left.

She went back downstairs to where her father was waiting. “They both fell asleep as soon as their heads hit their pillows.”

Andy looked at his daughter a bit worried. He remembered how overwhelmed she had seemed to be when Campbell was first born. He didn’t want to see her like that again.

“Are you going to be okay with the two of them? I can stay if you think you need the help.”

“We’ll be find, Dad. Thank you for offering though. I’m sure Kyle and Grandpa need you at home.”

“If you need anything, call immediately.”

Shelby nodded. “It’s only temporary, Dad. Just until they can find his parents.”

“Hopefully then find them soon. It doesn’t seem like anybody in charge has much luck finding people.”

Shelby closed her eyes and sighed. 

Andy saw her reaction and frowned. “I’m sorry, Princess. I didn’t mean…”

“It’s okay, Dad. You are right. We just have to faith that both do their jobs and everybody is found.”

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