5:27 Chicken Fried

07-25-19_12-20-34 PM

Shelby sat in the lounge chair relaxing and watching the activity around her. Campbell was playing with Clare. Nekusa was talking to Shawn. Her dad was manning the grill. 

She smiled when her grandfather sat down beside her. 

“How are you doing, Grandpa?”

He shrugged. “I have my good and my bad days. I miss your grandfather a lot.”

“We all do, but I can imagine that you miss him more than all of us”

Wanting to change the subject, Patrick looked at his granddaughter.

“How are you and Campbell doing? He seems to have made himself a new friend.”

Shelby smiled as she watched the toddlers play. 

“That’s Clare, the neighbor’s daughter. I watch her while he works. The two have gotten to be good friends.”

Patrick looked at her and smiled. 

07-25-19_12-22-41 PM

“And just how friendly have you and the neighbor gotten?”

Shelby shook  her head.

“We are friends, Grandpa. He’s someone to talk to. That is all. I’m married. Don’t forget that.”

Patrick could see that she hadn’t given up on Philip yet and that made him happy.

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