5:26 Hello

07-24-19_12-08-34 PM

Shelby looked around the house and didn’t find Campbell anywhere. She grabbed her phone and called her dad while she kept searching.

“Daddy, I’ve lost him. I can’t find Campbell. I have looked all over the house and he isn’t here.”

07-24-19_12-12-51 PM

She ran outside calling for him after her dad said he would be right over.

“Campbell? Where are you?”

She was getting ready to call the police when she heard him.


“You looking for this little guy?”

07-24-19_12-17-24 PM

Shelby looked at her neighbor’s fence and saw him holding her son. She took him from the man and cuddled him close.

“You had me scared to death. Don’t wander off like that.”

She looked at her neighbor. “Thank you so much. I’m sorry if he was bothering you.”

07-24-19_12-19-54 PM

The man shook his head. “He was no bother. I’m sorry he scared you. He followed my daughter’s cat over and they were playing together. I thought you knew he was here.”

He held his hand out to her. “I’m Shawn. We’ve met a few times since I moved in last week. You watch my daughter while I’m at work.”

Shelby looked at the little girl playing in the yard and smiled. “Clare’s father. Always in a rush when you drop her off and tired when you pick her up.”

He laughed and nodded. “That’s me. The single dad trying to raise a little girl alone. I never realized how expensive kids clothes have gotten to be.”

She rolled her eyes just thinking about it. “I know. Most of what Campbell wears had once belonged to my little brother.  I refuse to pay $60 for a pair of pants the kid is just going to wet then be changed.”

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