5:24 Never Knew Lonely

07-22-19_12-18-45 PM

Shelby did exactly as she said she would do. She attended the farce of a funeral and pretended to be the grieving wife. She held Campbell on her lap to keep him from running around. Her father sat beside her and her sister sat on the other side. Philip’s parents were sitting beside Nakusa.

She knew her father was not happy about any of this. He didn’t think she should attend this fake funeral, but didn’t try talking her out of it. He knew how stubborn she could be about things and this was no different. 

When they handed her the flag, she accepted it. She would later give it to Philip’s mother if she would accept it. She knew that his parents did not believe he was dead any more than she did. 

07-22-19_12-20-51 PM

She was glad when it was over and they could go back to the car. She ignored the news cameras as she hurried to the car. She kept Campbell’s face in her neck so the camera’s couldn’t get a good shot of him.

She could feel him wiggling to get down. As soon as they were at the car, she climbed into the backseat and her father shut the door quickly. She got Campbell strapped into his car seat while her father and sister got into the front seats.

“Please just go straight to the house, Daddy. Philip’s parents are going to meet us there.”

Andy drove straight to the house. He pulled straight into the garage so the media couldn’t get any pictures. As soon as he heard Philip’s parents’ car, he opened the second garage door so they could pull in.

07-22-19_1-17-32 PM

Once everybody was in the house, Andy just shook his head.

“That was completely ridiculous. How could they do this? I think they know something and are just covering their asses.”

Shelby looked at her father.

“Do you think they did something to Philip?”

Andy shook his head. “I don’t know. Something isn’t right, though. They know something. Something they aren’t telling anybody.”

“How can we find out what is going on?”

Andy looked at Philip’s father. “I will do some research and see what I can find.”

7 thoughts on “5:24 Never Knew Lonely

  1. Phillip has become another victim of the mother plant but the government wont admit cause they dont want to admit they have no clue how to stop the thing…..

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    1. He’s married to woman who comes from a pretty famous family. You have mob boss Tony, Daniel, and now Andy. You had bad boy whatever his name was who was Izaiah’s dad. You have the author, Owen… The Maynard family has been popular in the news for generations.

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