5:23 The Heart Won’t Lie

07-19-19_5-02-33 PM

Shelby dried her hands as she walked toward the door. She had been fixing lunch for her and Campbell when someone knocked. She looked out the window and saw the familiar faces.

She opened the door and let the two men inside.

07-19-19_5-03-46 PM

“Mrs. Powell…” The older of the two men, then looked at the young boy watching them from nearby. “Is the boy the only other person with you?”

Shelby nodded. “He is.”

“Maybe you would like to call someone to come be with you…”

Shelby cut him off. “Just tell me why you are here. I know it is because of Philip. Have you found him?”

The younger of the men looked a little uncomfortable and refused to look at her. He kept his focus on the toddler instead while letting the older of the two speak.

“We have not found your husband. However, we have found his identification and other items that belong to him at the sight of the crash. Due to this, his status has officially been changed from missing in action to killed in action. He will be given a full military funeral.”

Shelby shook her head. “You are changing his status because you found his ID and personal belongings? Shouldn’t his body be found before his status is changed? And how can you plan a funeral for him when you don’t have him? Are you planning for me to bury an empty box in the ground and put his name on a stone over it?”

“Mrs. Powell, I understand…”

“Have you ever had this visit? Has someone come to your house to tell you that a loved one is missing or has been killed?”

She never took her eyes off of his.

“No, ma’am.”

“Then don’t you dare tell me that you know how I feel or what I have been going through this past year. My husband is still out there somewhere. You found a piece of metal on a chain and a few other items that you say belong to him. You never found him. Yet you are telling me that you have decided that my husband is dead? You have no proof of that. You have no body. You have nothing to show that he is dead.”

07-19-19_5-04-41 PM

She looked at Campbell and saw the pout on his lips. She picked him up and cuddled him close to comfort him.

“If you want to go ahead with a funeral for an empty box, I can’t stop you. I will even play along and pretend to be the grieving wife, so you all do not look like the fools that you are. But until I see my husband’s body, I will not believe that he is dead. I will not stop looking for him, or finding out the truth of what has happened to him. Not until there is proof he is dead, or until he walks through the door.”

She looked at the men. 

“You can leave now. I need to calm my son down.”

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