5:19 My Heart Will Go On

07-12-19_10-04-11 PM

Shelby was taking advantage of Campbell’s nap to get some work done on the house. She had just finished loading the dishwasher when her phone rang. She looked at the caller ID and frowned. She didn’t recognize the number.


The other line was full of static but she could make out her name being said.


She frowned when the line went dead. 

She looked at the phone number then pulled Google up on her phone. She put the number in there then hit search. 

“Strangerville? Philip?”

She called Philip’s old base commander and told him about the phone call.”

“Mrs. Powell, I can assure you that we are still searching for your husband. When he is found, you will be our first contact. I do thank you for letting me know about the phone call. I will check into it but I am sure it is nothing.”

She sat the phone down after he hung up on her. 

07-12-19_10-05-42 PM


She looked at the door and smiled when she saw Campbell. She held her arms out to him and picked him up cuddling with him.

“Did you have a scary dream that woke you up?”

She sat down on the sofa with Campbell while he told her about the monster in his dream that wanted to eat his toes.

She gently grabbed his toes and pretended to eat them.

“No monsters can have your toes now. Mommy already ate them.”

She smiled when Campbell started to laugh. That was one of her favorite sounds in the world.

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