5:18 My Sunshine

07-12-19_9-48-46 PM

Shelby looked around the house then looked at Campbell playing with his toys nearby. It was perfect for the two of them. It was a small house with enough of a yard for Campbell to play in.

She had to admit, she was a bit nervous about this. She had never been alone with Campbell before. Well a few hours here and there, but never like this. 

Her grandfather had made sure that the two of them had plenty of food in the house. She was very grateful to him for that. 

Her father had purchased new furniture for the house so they wouldn’t have to use the stuff that the previous owners had left. It hadn’t been in good shape.

Nakusa had kept Campbell occupied while everything was moved in and unpacked. She loved her sister for doing that. She didn’t want to have to worry about her son being underfoot while everybody was carrying boxes and furniture. Now that he was starting to walk, he was always on the go.”

07-12-19_9-49-35 PM


Shelby looked down at Campbell and saw him holding up a toy.

“Do you want me to take a break and play with you?”

He put the toy in her hand then took off for the doll house that she used to play with. She followed him and sat down with him to play.

She still had some unpacking to do in the kitchen, but her son wanted to play. That was more important. The packing could wait until he had gone to bed.

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