5:17 Real World

07-12-19_9-03-35 PM

Shelby tapped on her dad’s office door and poked her head in. 

“Daddy? Are you busy?”

Andy looked up from his desk and smiled.

“Come on in, Princess.”

Shelby left the door cracked so they could hear Campbell if he needed something. She sat down in one of the chairs in front of her dad’s desk.

“I was wondering if you could help me find a house for me and Campbell.”

Andy was a bit surprised to hear her question. They had been here for almost a year now and he thought the arrangement worked well for everybody.

“You want to move out.”

Shelby could see that her question had hurt her dad. That made her feel bad.

“I think it’s time, Daddy. I want somewhere close by though so we can still visit each other whenever we want. I don’t think I could move far from home again.”

07-12-19_9-04-44 PM

Andy was at least happy to hear that. She would be close even if it wasn’t in the same house.

“I will talk to Antonio and see if we have anything available. I’m assuming it will just be you and Campbell?”

Shelby nodded. “Just the two of us. I do want a guest room if possible though, but not necessary. Just somewhere for Nakusa or you to spend the night if you want.”

“I’ll miss having the two of you here.”

“I’ll miss being here. It’s time though, Daddy. We can’t stay here forever.”

“You could if you wanted. I wouldn’t mind.”

Shelby got up and hugged her dad. “I know you wouldn’t, Daddy.”

4 thoughts on “5:17 Real World

  1. Andy is a sweetheart. Just don’t mess with his family. The sweetheart will turn into a lion.
    I glad Shelby is doing better. I still believe she will move on, only for Phillip to came back in the picture. I wish they would find out what happen to Phillip.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Andy is a lot like like his great grandpa Tony. Sweet as can be, but dangerous when crossed. Especially when his family is concerned.
      There will be an update on Philip coming soon.

      Liked by 1 person

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