5:15 Patience

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Shelby laid on her bed listening to the sounds in the next room. She could hear her father in there with Campbell. She could hear Nakusa coming up the stairs with the bottle that her father had asked for.

She knew that she should be the one caring for Campbell, but she just couldn’t bring herself to get out of bed to do it. Since getting home from the hospital, all she wanted to do was lay in bed and sleep.

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Nakusa handed her dad the bottle. “Do you think she’s going to be like this for long? I’m worried about her, Dad.”

“So am I. The hospital said it could last for days or for years. We don’t know. Until she feels up to caring for Campbell, I’ll do it.”

Nakusa shook her head. “We will do it. You don’t need to do it yourself, Dad. I want to help. She is my sister and he is my nephew.”

Andy smiled at his daughter then handed Campbell to her. “If you want to help, then you get to change his diaper.”

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Shelby could hear her father and sister talking. She felt bad knowing that she was causing them more work. Her father was already caring for Kyle and now Campbell also. Nakusa was on her last year of high school and applying for colleges. She remembered how much work that was. Now she was also helping care for a baby that she should have to care for. It should be her and Philip caring for their son together.

Just thinking about Philip made the tears start again. He had been so excited to become a father and was looking forward to seeing their son being born. 

She wasn’t giving up hope yet. Everyone else seemed to have already given up on Philip, but she wasn’t going to. He had promised her that he would be home, and she knew he would be. He didn’t break his promises.

8 thoughts on “5:15 Patience

  1. Poor Shelby, now she needs to quit wallowing in self-pity and get her act together. Her son and family need her. Go to a therapist or something. Get on with her life. I just won’t to take people like her and give them a good shake. Her dad and sister need to go somewhere and leave the child with her. She will have to take care of him. What would Phillip think of her neglecting his son? Sounds like she needs some tough love right now.
    I know I don’t sound very sympathetic. It’s the way life has made me. My family push me through my fears and made me face up to them.

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    1. Post Partum Depression is more than just wallowing in self pity. It is a real thing that is really hard on a lot of women. Giving them a good shake, therapy, or leaving them alone with the kid does not always work. Actually leaving a mother with PPD alone with a child has resulted in the death of the child. Her family is doing the proper thing in supporting her and helping with Campbell. It keeps both of them safe and cared for.


  2. Shelby is going to self destruct. Instead of just enabling her to wallow in misery they need to get her help. Therapy or something. Philip wouldn’t want her ignoring their child. Grrr. Now I’m starting to be mad at her.

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    1. Right now she is suffering from not only missing Philip, but also a bit of Post partum depression. They aren’t enabling her. They are actually protecting her and Campbell. There have been many women with PPD who have actually killed their children because of the PPD.

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  3. I knew people had PPD, but just don’t understand why they not getting her help.
    I suffer from PTSD and been going to therapy for 6 years. I use to get violent, now I just wake up and read until I calm down. It will get easier with help. Maybe, we should be upset at dad for not getting her help and not her.🤔

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    1. PPD and PTSD are two totally different things. Andy did talk to the doctors. He even told Nakusa what they said. So it is not like he did not see what could be done for her.

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