5:14 My Guy

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Shelby had been sitting in the living room relaxing while rereading the last book from the Lizzie Crenshaw Mysteries series. She was halfway through the book when her son decided that it was time for a change.

“Daddy? Dad! DAD!”

Andy heard her and came out of his office. “What’s up, Princess?”

“I think the baby is ready.”

Andy called Tayler who came over to babysit Kyle. Nakusa helped her sister to the car while he called his parents.

07-07-19_7-08-01 PM

Andy sat down beside his dad and smiled. He had been in the room with Shelby when she had the baby. 

“He’s beautiful and perfect.”

Patrick was glad to hear the baby was fine. “How is Shelby?”

“She’s okay. Sad that Philip isn’t here with them.”

“We are here to help any way that we are needed.”

Andy looked at his mom and nodded. “Thanks, Mom. I am sure Shelby will be happy to have the help.”

07-07-19_7-12-10 PM

Shelby looked at her son laying in the bassinet. She couldn’t believe he was here. 

“Campbell… My sweet, perfect little Campbell.”

She felt the tears in her eyes as she picked him up.

“I’m sorry your daddy isn’t here to meet you. He will be home soon and he is going to love you so much.”

Nakusa watched her sister frowning a little as she listened. She wasn’t going to say anything about Philip not coming home. Her sister didn’t need to hear it at the moment. Let her enjoy her time with her new son.

“Campbell is a nice name.”

Shelby looked over at her sister and smiled.

“Philip picked it during our last phone call. Campbell Maynard Powell.”

“You are using our last name for his middle name?”

Shelby nodded. “It is a strong name with a lot of history behind it. I could not just let the name die with the two of us.”

“It wouldn’t die though. There are cousins, and now there’s also Kyle. He can keep the name going.”

Shelby nodded. “And what if like dad, Kyle has only daughters? They will get married and then what happens to the name?”

Nakusa thought about that then nodded. “Campbell Maynard Powell. A very nice, strong name for a perfect little boy.”

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