5:11 Lay Me Down

07-07-19_1-43-35 PM

Shelby put the tray of snacks on the table then moved the chairs. It was the first meeting of the book club since Annette left. She was hoping that didn’t leave a cloud hanging over everybody’s heads.

She pulled the book that Nina had chosen off the shelf. Thankfully it had been a funny, lighthearted book. She didn’t think they could have managed anything else at the moment.

She looked at the clock and saw that it was almost time for the girls to arrive. She quickly went upstairs to change into something other than the pajama pants and t-shirt she had been wearing lately. She was quickly outgrowing all of her clothes and would need to go shopping soon.

07-07-19_1-44-51 PM

The ladies were walking up the sidewalk towards Shelby’s apartment when Nina stopped them. She pointed to the car parked outside of the building. 

They hurried to the sidewalk leading to the building and saw the men going up Shelby’s steps.

“Oh no. Come on. If they are there looking for her, she shouldn’t be alone.”

The ladies all hurried down the sidewalk.

07-07-19_1-45-17 PM

6 thoughts on “5:11 Lay Me Down

  1. The teasers are getting on my nerves. I don’t want Phillip to die. Maybe it is one of the other ladies husbands. It would make the story better if they thought he died, only for him to live and come back later after she met someone else. I still want him to be okay.

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