5:9 Here We Go

06-30-19_4-13-48 PM

Shelby hugged everybody before they got in the car. Her family was going back to Willow Creek and she would be alone again. Her sister wanted to stay and Shelby would have loved her staying, but she had to go back to school. She had already missed too many days.

She went inside and looked around. The house felt empty again now that her sister wasn’t there.

She had loved having her family there. Her father and brother had stayed at the nearby hotel with her grandfathers while her sister had stayed with her. They had spent a lot of time together throughout the week. 

She had been tempted to go back to Willow Creek with them, but this was where she needed to be. This was where Philip expected her to be when he came home. This was where she would stay.

She looked at the clock and realized it was too late to visit Annette. She had wanted to see her one last time before she left. She knew she was already gone though.

She didn’t feel like watching TV or listening to music. What she wanted was a call from her husband so she would know that she was alright. It had been over a week since his last call and she was worried.

06-30-19_4-19-01 PM

She took her phone with her to the bathroom. Maybe a bath would help her relax.

An hour later, she was laying in bed when someone knocked on the door. A knock that late at night was never good.

She pulled the blanket over her head hoping they would go away. After several minutes, they did. Whoever it was would have to come back another time. She couldn’t deal with anything else at the moment.

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