5:8 Some Gave All

06-30-19_3-57-23 PM

Nakusa had decided to join the women for the book club meeting. She sat listening as the women talked about the body of the old cranky man found in the park during the first chapter. She wasn’t surprised that Shelby had picked the first book of her favorite series for her friends to read.

She could see how tired Shelby looked. She knew she had stayed up waiting for her husband’s phone call. A call that never came.

06-30-19_3-58-50 PM

She was looking out the window when she saw the car pull up to the curb. She watched the two men get out and look at the house before walking to the door.

She excused herself from the group and went to answer the door.

“Hello, Ma’am. We are looking for Mrs. ________. We were told that we could find her here.”

Nakusa stepped back and let them inside. She watched the color drain from her sister’s face as soon as she saw the men. 

06-30-19_4-03-13 PM

She watched as the men turned to one of the other women and told her that her husband had been killed. She listened to them talk about how he had died a hero. The entire time her eyes had been glued to her sister. She had seen the fear, relief, pain, and concern all flash in her sister’s eyes.

When Shelby had left Willow Creek, Nakusa had been sad. Her best friend was leaving. Now that she had witnessed what she just had, she was scared for Shelby. Those men could have been there to see her sister with that same news.

She really hoped Philip would call that night.

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