5:7 Gonna Have A Party

06-30-19_3-13-08 PM

Shelby opened the door and squealed when she saw who was there. She hadn’t known that they were coming. She hugged her grandfathers first, then her sister, then her little brother, and finally her father.

“Why didn’t you tell me that you were coming?”

“We wanted it to be a surprise.” He stepped back and looked at his daughter. “You look like you are doing alright.”

06-30-19_3-18-47 PM

Shelby nodded and smiled. “I am doing much better since Grandpa’s visit. I have made friends, and we get together several days a week.”

“If you have plans, we can go to the hotel and visit with you tomorrow.”

She shook her head not wanting them to leave. “Today was one of my alone days. I was just getting some cleaning done.”

06-30-19_3-21-06 PM

Andy sat next to his daughter. He had really missed her. “Have you talked to Philip since he left?”

“Yes. He calls every night. He can’t tell me what they are doing, but that’s fine. I think I would prefer not knowing. We spend most of the time talking about the baby.”

Andy smiled when he thought about his first grandchild. “You and the baby are both okay?”

She nodded and put her hand on her stomach. “We are both fine. I am doing everything I am supposed to be doing and he is on target with where he should be.”

“He? The baby is a boy?”

Shelby nodded her head. “I found out at my appointment this morning. I am going to tell Philip tonight when he calls.”

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