5:3 Bad Medicine

06-29-19_7-21-03 PM

Shelby was walking around the neighborhood getting used to where everything was. Philip was at the base so she was exploring on her own.

She stopped at the small store and got herself a bottle of water and a bag of peanuts. Everybody she met was so nice. She was sure she would come across someone  who wasn’t at some point.

“That’s the woman I was telling you about. I heard him asking the nurse about his wife being so sick. Apparently she has been very sick and they are looking for a doctor here.”

06-29-19_7-21-56 PM

Shelby heard the two women and rolled her eyes. If only she had known before what kind of reaction that was going to cause.

“Oh my God, Annette! Her eyes just rolled back into her head. She must be having a seizure or something.”

Shelby didn’t expect them to rush toward her. It was slightly scary.

“Annette, call 911. I will help her to the ground so she doesn’t hurt herself.”

“Please don’t.”

“Should we move her to the grass? The sidewalk is so hard.”

“Are you crazy? You know they say not to move the person in case they are hurt.”

“Please. I am fine.”

“She doesn’t look hurt.”

“Looks can be deceiving. Hey! Where did she go?”

06-29-19_7-23-38 PM

The two women looked around and saw Shelby sitting on the nearby bench. They hurried over to her.

“It looks like the seizure has passed.”

“Should I still call 911?”

“You didn’t call them? She could have died waiting for help to get here and it would have been your fault.”

“Will you two stop? Please?”

She finally had their attention.

“I do not need help. I was not having a seizure or anything else. I am fine.”

“But your eyes. We saw them…”

“I was rolling my eyes at two women who were gossiping and making assumptions about things instead of talking to me.”

The nerve of those women. Don’t they know that’s how rumors get started?”

“I’m Nina and this is Annette. We were going to give you a few days to get settled then introduce ourselves. If there’s anything you need, we are the two to ask.”

06-29-19_7-24-08 PM

Shelby was pretty sure that these two knew more than they probably should. They reminded her a bit of a character in a book series she read. If anybody has read any of the Lizzie Crenshaw Mysteries, they would know all about Gladys. These two women seemed to have her nosiness, but not her meanness.

“Shelby. It is nice to meet you both.” She noticed that one of the women was pregnant. “Do you mind if I ask who your obstetrician is? I am looking for a good one.”

The women talked for a few minutes before Shelby left to head home. Nina looked at Annette. “Do you think her husband is the father?”

4 thoughts on “5:3 Bad Medicine

    1. They seem to be leading to that there at the end, don’t they? lol Those two are a bit much. This chapter was a blast to write though. I did take inspiration from my friend’s book and her Gladys character to do this one. 🙂

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